Whoops, I Did It Again!

The other day I took my daughter to her therapist- the one for Anxiety and OCD. As part of the therapy, it was suggested that I wait in the lobby so the two could do their work without my interruption. Honestly, I don’t really interrupt all that much… but eye rolling is a big no-no and apparently, disruptive.

Therapist: Why don’t we let mom wait in the lobby and you and I can do what we need to do in here?

Kid: Did you bring your book to read?

Me: I wish I did!

Therapist: That’s okay, we have tons of People magazines that you can read.

Me: Read lobby magazines where everybody touches them with their filthy fingers and licks the pages to turn them? Perhaps even sneezes on them? Those are breeding grounds for germs, death and dying….. no thanks.



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