Naturally, I have more questions for the Jewish version of Family Feud…. but to drive my point home… faster, I’ll ask the questions one gets at the end of the show.

(20 Seconds on the clock)

  1. We asked 100 yentas, name something your children do during the summer….
  2. What’s the first thing you do when entering the main sanctuary on Yom Kippur…..
  3. What’s the first thing husbands say to their wives when they see the suitcase they packed for a weekend trip?….
  4. What is the minimum size karat a man can propose with?…..
  5. At what time do the reform break the fast?…..
  6. What do you say to someone whose getting divorced?….
  7. How long would your mother in law say you need the baby nurse?…..
  8. What’s the minimum you would give a random bat/bar kid for a Saturday night party, cocktail attire, at a post hotel, for two people?….
  9. Name something your mother hates about your husband
  10. Name something your husband hates about his wife

(scroll to see the two best answers)





  1. overnight camp/teen tour
  2. see what everyone’s wearing/see how much emptier it is from last year
  3.  we’re only going away for two nights/you don’t need all that
  4. 2K/2.5K
  5. what fast?
  6. Mazel tov/he was no good
  7. a year
  8. $180/$216
  9. him/him
  10. her/her mother

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