Family Feud- Jewish Edition

This evening, while playing the original Family Feud card game, one of the questions was: Name something Popeye might have tattooed on his arm. My child, being knowledgeable at a young age, replied, “numbers.” The next card was: Name something in your house your house that you’d start yelling at if it stopped working. To which I replied, “your father!”

So…. I shuffled the cards to find more generic cards where my kid’s answers would be spot on… regardless of being Jewish.

Name an occassion where relatives come to visit. Now, since Shiva was the first reply, it was then that I needed to create a Jewish version of Family Feud… called, Family. 

So, without further ado… here is a question for my people:

Name the Top 4 Things Heard During the Seder:

(scroll down for the top 4 answers)







When can we eat?

I already put salt in the water

Yes, YOU have to do the Four Questions….. in Hebrew….. of course you have to sing them.

Do we have to finish?








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