Frozen II

Before I discuss the film itself, I must first describe the atmosphere- it was like watching it in the Maternity Ward- with the amount of kids crying and/or screaming. If this analogy doesn’t hit home, imagine sitting in the lobby of a pediatrician’s office…. during Flu shot season. The amazing part was that NO parent thought it best to take the kid out of the theater so that others could hear!

I feel like my concentration skills were in the olympics- with trying to listen to the movie through the I have to go to the potty…. I’m scared….. when is it over?….. Why is Ilsa crying? ….etc.

All that aside, it was a very good movie.  There was action, suspense, love and drama! However, between the King Kong creatures,  the near drowning of Ilsa, and death of Olaf, it’s safe to assume, that the kids whom interrupted my children’s viewing experience, will soon ruin their parents’ sleep- which makes me as happy as any Disney Villain.


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