Fully Exposed

Before you go judging, allow me to say that I should have at least checked the website for store hours… perhaps even, looked more closely at the address. However, as with everything, foresight is $300 (therapy humor) and why shouldn’t every day of my life be a point of contention?

Anyhow, while searching online for bat mitzvah dresses for my kids, I found a store on the beaten to death path, that I could swear my Mahjongg friends had told me about. So… I typed the address into Waze and dragged both kids to go shopping- one kicking, one crying.

What you also need to know is the cryer has a major aversion to driving on the highway. Additionally, she has a major aversion to being in unsafe neighborhoods. As part of her recovery, we have to actually “expose” her to things that make her uncomfortable…. in small increments.

To me, this outing was a win-win… I could get away from our pricey local stores and she could learn that its all “ok” in the end.

With that said, as we exited the highway and turned down Meth Row towards Diablo Drive, I realized I’d made a mistake.

The good news is that my other daughter’s former therapist has an opening tomorrow… as well.


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