Hubby thinks that everything should either cost $50 or take a half hour to complete.

The other day when I told him to be home for a few hours while the carpet cleaners were cleaning- he said, “A few hours?? It should take them a half an hour. I used to get my whole house done in a half hour….. ”

When he asked what they were charging, I said around $500.

“OMG! You are out of your mind! $500? To clean carpet? I used to do my whole house for $100.”

Now, according to his calculations and knowledge of carpet cleaning, the products and labor hasn’t changed over 40 years so why has the cost increased? …. I know, imagine the discussions we have over my highlights, Keratin treatments or the cost of the B.Mitzvah.

Anyhow, I’d told/shown hubby which rooms and things were to be cleaned and he said he wanted to “add on” another set of stairs for them. Fine.

Imagine my surprise when I received a new statement for the service they were providing and saw “……..$2000.

Knowing my husband flipped when I said it was around $500 (and I may have been shaving off some of the cost) I decided to reply to the company and reject their bill. In fact, I think I said, “never gonna pay it,” or something to that fact.

The mistake I made, was forwarding said response to him- for apparently, he’d requested  they send a quote to clean his office. Sadly for him, he’ll need to shop elsewhere.

(see below)



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