You Good?

The other evening after a long day at the polls, my eldest texted me that we were out of the larger pads and asked if I’d drive to the CVS. Being the BME, I went on search for pads.

Now, it’s been over 30 years since I’ve needed a pad…. but let me give you the best analogy that I can, so you can get a better understanding of what I saw. Imagine you were a POW for 17 year and finally found freedom. There’s something called the internet…. laptops…. iPhones, etc. Could you imagine all of the technology at your fingertips and not knowing where to begin? Perhaps even, longing for the card catalog and Dewey Decimal system in your local library?

Well, when I got to the pads aisle… it was like a sanitary world that I no longer knew. There were more than 8 different brands of pads! Long gone are the days of just Playtex and Tampax. In fact, I recall Regular flow and Heavy…. but wasn’t there one flow in the middle?  Now there are light, medium and regular flows…. and I’m not sure which one my kid really is, so I just bought a variety of thickness and went to the register.

Naturally, there was a young man working the register and when he was palming my boxes to scan them, I felt slightly uncomfortable.

“Did you find everything you needed?” he asked, as my display of menstrual-ware sat upon his counter.

“Nope, I couldn’t seem to find my self-esteem.”


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