Menopause Is The Least Of My Problems

The other day I was on the twalet when noticed I’d gotten my lady time. What was shocking was 1. I never get it and 2. I’d just gotten it a week ago!

Walking around in a haze, I tried to think- did I just get it last week? Maybe it was longer than that?

After thinking and thinking, it came to me that this is what happens when one goes through the change. In fact, I began replaying conversations with older women who’ve crossed over to the other side and the more I thought about the second coming, the more I realized… this was it!

…That was, until this evening, when it was “pill” time. Unable to find my ruler sized, days of the week, geriatric medicine container, I came upon the small packet of birth control pills. Furthermore, I realized a big faux pas on my part. Exhibit A: Last pill taken was Monday. Today is Thursday.


Turns out I’ve just got Dementia.

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mom of 3
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