I’m Sorry

When I was younger, my sister and I tried to clean up our friends’ house by stuffing all the dirty clothes in the closet. One couldn’t see the floor before we cleaned up. The entire house was in major disarray. Bathrooms, closets, counters, playrooms, living rooms, dining rooms… and then, the basement. Shit everywhere.

And now, I get it. Three kids later, I can see how this friend who raised three kids on her own, had a messy house.

I get it, and I’m sorry for trying to shove all that shit into the closet. That being said, when the parents of my students warned me of the drastic change that occurs when a third enters the picture, I was too busy thinking, not gonna happen to us.

Again, I’m sorry. It happened to us; my place is a shithole according to those who shared a uterus with both me or my mother, and I’ve retired my cleaning duties until further notified. Shove away.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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