Help Me Rhonda

Getting my son up for camp is no small feat. First, he refuses to wake up because he never gets enough sleep. Second, when I do try to wake him, he will roll the other way and seal himself in with the sheets.

Now, I wake up at 7:40 am with my alarm. After I am up, I then have the task of slathering lotion all over him so that his SPF can settle in before putting on his clothing. After that, I try to place his socks on him- all while he’s laying on his stomach. You see, he’s asleep while I’m prepping him for the bus. Now, some may say, “Rochelle, just make him get up and do it.” If you know my child(ren) you’d know that is the most pointless statement ever because if I want him/them to make their buses, its me or nothing.

Anyhow, have you ever tried to put on swim shorts and a shirt on anyone other than a newborn? I imagine it would be akin to dressing a paraplegic- because the boy won’t even help to lift his ass up for me to properly pull up his shorts.

Some of you may say, “if he’s not ready, send him in his jammies… he’ll learn to get up and dress himself so he won’t be embarrassed.”

My unicorns don’t give a shit, so needless to say, I cannot wait until camp is over.

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