GD Siri

The other day I was at the local pharmacy when I needed to make a hands free phone call. The reason for needing it to be hands free was because I had several things in my hand without some sort of basket, and the person behind the counter had not yet heard from the prescribing doctor.

Something to keep in mind was I stated it was at the local pharmacy- a mom and pop shop- and like Cheers, everybody knows my name.

Additionally, it was a prime time to be picking up meds because as with most small shops, their hours are aligned to postal hours.

Me: (Quietly) Hey Siri, call Stacy

Siri: (not working)

Me: (Semi louder) Hey Sir, call Stacy

Siri: Did you say, call Tracy?

Me: No! Call Stacy

… it was in that moment, that I realized I should have placed all my items on the floor instead.


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