This morning while walking to my youngest’s spring sport, I saw a small group of men playing frisbee. Let me repeat- a group of men were playing frisbee on a Saturday morning. That means they had to get up early, and told their loved ones they’d be back … after they played frisbee.

Many things entered my mind… is this even a thing? Did these men actually set their alarms to throw a frisbee around a field? How does one even find a group… without looking awkward? I mean, don’t get me wrong, if you’re perhaps in Malibu and on the beach, I could understand- but small town suburbia?

I simply cannot imagine my husband saying to me bright and early on a weekend, “I’ll be back later- going to play frisbee with the boys.” And who are these women who don’t need any help with the kids or around the house- taking kids to activities??

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the big deal?? The big deal is two hours later when I was walking home, they were still out there, tossing the frisbee… only this time they had spectators. Does nobody have anything more pressing to do on a Saturday morning than watch the least athletic sport of go fetch??

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