Family Ties: The Reunions

Passover Seder at my mothers:

A total time of 1.5 hours of pure toddler chaos. Non-eater decided that unless she couldn’t crawl under the table, she wasn’t going to be quiet. Frogs, hail, darkness and boils were being tossed around by our feet and occassionally she would pop her head up between someone’s legs and tickle them. Of course, this prompted eater to feel restless being confined in her too tight high chair and she too had to be released from her struggles to join in on the fun and was also placed under the table. Who could listen to a story about long ago when whines and cries, even hair pulls were being had by the two tots? The only stories I did hear were how my sister and I would sit properly during holidays (and all meals) when we were their ages and how a little discipline could go a long way. After trying to cajole my kids into sitting at the table, it was time to throw in the towel and go home.

Passover Seder at Hubby’s family:

Considering cars can only travel east on the turnpike, we usually see his family a few times a year if that. After planning to wake non-eater up early from her afternoon nap in order to avoid rush hour traffic, and pray for eater to sleep in the car for her p.m. nap, we were set to go and on the road by 4:20 p.m. An hour later, after sitting in traffic and fuming inside, we arrived at our destination. The girls were cranky and hungry! However, non-eater has an issue with eating in public and eater is currently going through stranger anxiety so trying to confine them in their chairs to eat prior to the rest of the guests arriving, was a nightmare. It was like the elephant man was on display and the girls were having no part of it.

Sunday night my mother decided it was time to empty the fridge from the Passover Seders she hosted on Wednesday and Thursday.  But instead of the meal consisting of the typical soup or salad and chicken dinner, it was the equivalent of a midnight buffet on any cruiseship. Of course, I did not know the menu of items being sporadically placed on the table and felt compelled to eat everything in its entirety, much like contestants of The Biggest Loser during their temptations. Soup, salad, matzah kugel, matzah farfel, potato latkes, sweet potato latkes, chicken, bristket, vegetables, and the list kept going. I could have vomitted from the quantities I consumed, but what got me even more full was the chaotic conversations over my two irritated and ill behaved toddlers.

Non-eater decided a few weeks ago she was no longer going to sit at the table. On the table, but not at the table, and therefore trying to either restrain her on a lap, in a chair or on her knees was next to impossible. If she wasn’t hungry, she just wasn’t hungry.

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