Eye Am The Bionic Woman

Trying to find photos of my child is certainly a task for the determined. For instance, yes, I could see a photo of her straight up and centered… but often, she is in the background.

For instance… when looking through the same album for a second time- scanning only the background blurs, I found this:

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 12.29.01 PM.png

Now, this girl does has the same body type as my child… and I did send her with black shorts with white trim… but to be sure it was my kid, I searched the album again. This time, I knew what to look for.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 12.29.16 PM.png

And that’s when I found this. While there are plenty of girls with dark, long hair, I was 99% certain this was my kid. However, to make a positive ID, I went back a fourth time.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 12.26.12 PM

Semper Fi!


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