Ch Ch Changes

I hate change- real news flash. I had the same shitty GP (OK, just their office staff) for years, same dentist since I’m a youngin, had the same colorist for a while until he decided to move around 10 too many times… and the same housekeeper for 5 years.

So when I decided that it was time to part ways because he wasn’t caring so much about the house vs. his assembly line of houses per day, I replaced him with a newly wed team.

I should have realized when I asked the age of the young shmucks that this was a huge mistake, but threw caution to the wind and watched as they slowly got the routine.

As reality would have it: they divorced and I was left with the husband and my mother was left with the wife.

Who had the better spouse?

It’s been almost a year but on Monday I’m sure the wife will be great.

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mom of 3
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