There’s a few new bitches in this house: Barbie and her cohorts from numerous films. Though, I personally think that she met them in Renfrew; because it looks like Ken broke up with them one too many times. But I digress; I can’t take these dolls.

They get more pampering than I do! I go to give the kids a bath and who do I find already floating on a make shift raft covered in a washcloth? Barbie. I go to put the kids to bed and who do I see already tucked into a kleenex and laying her kepe on a boo boo gel pad? Barbie. …And who is laying on daddy’s chest? Yes, he finally found his ideal bride.

Now, I could be in the kitchen and in need of my glasses or jacket, and my kids will immediately say, “you get it,” when I ask them to go for me. But GD forbid Barbie is missing a purse or boot- which by the way are way more accessories than I own, and those girls will dash to East Gibip to help her.

So again, I say, where are the Obama Barbies for Jews?

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mom of 3
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