This particular evening, my youngest’s diaper was saturated to the point his jammies were also wet. So, I did what I’ve been doing: grabbed a diaper and brought him into my bed.

Trying to change this little time bomb before he both screamed and wriggled to the point the diaper exploded onto my new sheets, hubby began his new pacing of breathing.

After getting the little one changed, I figured a few moments… hours (?) in my bed wouldn’t hurt.Of course, I am now up to the point that I’m typing, but not because of him tossing on top of me to find comfort. And it’s not because I was trying to predict what time the others would awake and wake him vs. what time hubby has to depart early in the morning vs. how much longer he may sleep in his own room- but it was because of my semi waking spouse.

You see, as his sleep becomes lighter, his breathing acts up as if to say, “sh.” Instead, what I hear and my son heard was, “loud snore mixed with nasal grunts.”

So, I do what I do when trying to sleep and/or not have him wake my pillow mates- I tap. (If I’m several children away and cannot disturb their sleep any further, I use my leg).

How does hubby react? He thrashes while “shhhing” me OR says, “WHAT?!”

I guess he isn’t expecting the Avon lady.

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mom of 3
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