Amber Alert

My tenant has no idea who I am 100% of the time- actually, more like 99.9% of the time, but I digress. So it was really interesting when his phone rang and the person on the other end was asking for Rochelle.

“Hi Daddy, did you eat breakfast?” his daughter asked.

“Yes, I’m having it right now- and I even have some company,” he said.

“Who is with you, Megan or Molly?” asked the daughter.

(Looking at the girl) “Do you want to be Megan or Molly?” he asked the child.

“I’ll be Molly,” said Molly- smiling at me.

“And where is Rochelle?” his daughter continued.

(Looking at me and then away) “She’s not here; I haven’t seen her yet.” he replied.

(Head tilt, Staring at hime)

“….Are you Rochelle?”

“Yes,” I answered.

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mom of 3
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