Well, I just found out that I got a 1/4 on a homework assignment that I helped my daughter. The assignment was to find the point of the article …. (and apparently to defend it).

The article was on Trump and something that he did somewhere or another.

Here is what the teacher emailed:

X still has a bit of work to do in terms of reading carefully both the prompt and making sure she is giving effort and though to a response. (Notice he didn’t put effort into spellcheck). This is what she wrote for the Trump impeachment article:

The central idea of this article is to impeach President Trump for being a whistle blower to the Russians and now the speaker of the house, who is also a republican wants other republicans in the senate to vote to impeach too.

It is tough for me to grade that anything but a 1 out of 4 because it is factually incorrect in many places, is a sentence instead of a paragraph, and provide no text evidence.

Now, had this been my assignment I would have argued that the central idea was in fact factual and it speaks for itself…. but instead I simply replied,

To be honest, I also believe that to be the entire point of the story- but since she didn’t write a paragraph, I suppose I can understand the 1.


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