So Many Choices- So Little Time

Recently on FB, I read an article where an African American man failed to show up on time for court as a juror- and was sentenced to ten days in jail. People were in uproar over this steep and unrelated consequence for oversleeping to appear for duty. Nonetheless, I read the article.

This evening, as I was searching the paper that summoned me to the court, I read at the bottom of it that – failure to report for jury duty could be up to a $500 fine and a 10 day stay in jail.

Now, you should know I was thinking a few weeks ago that jail seems like a viable trending option for weight loss and personal growth. There’d be no laundry nor baskets of clothing to put away- no meals to think about preparing- and no food shopping or errands! I could exercise in my cell all day- not have to clean my room and never worry about what to wear. And the number one plus for prison would be the obvious weight loss and self-help classes.

So the way I see it, sure, I could risk not being sequestered in a lovely roach motel by being too eager (or too princessa)…. or spend a definite 10 day stay in the local prison.

Decisions, decisions.

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