Proud To Be An American

Well, well, well- it’s been over 13 years since I was last called for Jury duty. When that initially happened, nursing your child was your ticket to Rye. Fast forward to Monday, when the summons arrived and was placed in front of my coffee pot by hubby.

In the past- well, we know I’d try to do anything and everything to avoid my civic duty. I would have cried and carried on- called a lawyer or rabbi and would have begged for insight on how to evade this cattle call.

Now, some may call my change of heart – having matured. Others may say, she’s woke and knows this is just part of being an American citizen. …But they’d all be wrong- none of those reasons have anything to do with the way I cautiously and meticulously filled out my online questionnaire this evening (4 days later).

You see, given my family sit, I hope I get sequestered in some Motel 6 for months on end- no electronics, no media, no work…. no parenting…. no children…. no responsibilities other than dre’ing one way or another to make deliberation a nightmare for all.

That’s right- I hope I get picked for the case of a lifetime…. just to have a childfree staycation.

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mom of 3
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