Duh! Of Course People Are Always Innocent!

As I was filling out the online juror questionnaire, I really hemmed and hawed over each and every answer; I didn’t want to make one mistake.

For example, one question asked if I would be able to follow the judges orders and keep an open mind…. my gut reaction would obviously be a hard, “no!” However, my tired of everything brain was more pensive. You see, I didn’t want to answer anything that could dissuade the lawyers from calling upon me to be a law abiding citizen/ model juror. Therefore, I replied, “yes.”

Another question wanted to know if anyone in my household was an officer of the court in any way or a police officer. Now, I’ve heard that people who answer “yes,” to this particular question could immediately be dismissed. Thankfully, my spouse is also an entrepreneur – whose passion is anything but the law.

Each question subsequently, was asking about reasons why one would not make a good juror. As if I don’t have my own file cabinet of replies, I am proud to report that I have no problem making decisions based upon information- regardless if the defendant were to take the stand or not.


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