Susan B. Anthony

The only reason I know her name is from hearing it on Bosom Buddies in the 80s. Anyhow, the other day I was talking to a young group of kids my son knows, when they asked me to help them identify coins.

Wanting to help them finish their homework so they could get obese on their iPads as well….

Me: Does anyone know what’s on the back of the dime?

Kid 1: Lincoln Memorial.

Me: Actually, that is Monticello… just like its on the back of the nickel.

Kid 1: No, its Lincoln Memorial because Lincoln is on the front.

Not wanting to argue, as he was probably correct, I went on to hold up the next coin.

Me: Do you know who is on this half dollar?

Kid 2: Queen Elisabeth?

Me: (Duh) Why would we have a queen on our coins? That’s silly… it’s Susan B. Anthony.

Kid 3: No it isn’t; its a Native American.

As I looked loser at this woman’s fuller face… and apparent braids, I realized it was indeed a Native American.

Me: It’s Pocahontas.

Kid 4: No it isn’t! It’s Sacajawea!

Which reminds me of a time when I was talking to my friend’s son about US History and he wanted to discuss Pearl Harbor … I told him Japan has nothing to do with our country so keep studying.

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