Well-Visit Bad Parent Part 1:

I’ve decided that I need to have some recognizable symbol that alerts others to stop talking- but let me explain.

This evening I took my youngest to his well-visit. The nurse did all of her preliminary measurements and data and then the doctor came in. Upon looking at my son’s chart, he began to inquire about his daily routine and exercise.

Dr: Tell me about what you like to do after school.

Kid: Well, I play squash and I like to play on my iPad.

Dr.: How many hours a day would you say you have screen time?

Freeze Frame: when I was a younger, the doctors worried about too much telly…. and I turned out alright.

Kid: Well, I like to play video games when I’m done homework.

Dr.: The rule of thumb is 1 hour a day during the week and 2 hours on the weekend. Bla Bla Bla….

As he continued with the exam he asked if I had any concerns. I stated that I did not other than he’s still a picky eater.

Dr.: What do you mean by picky?

Me: Well he eats noodles, yogurt and apples.

Dr.: Have you tried offering him other foods?

Me: (Eye rolling)

Dr.: Well, you can try making him starve and hunger should be more powerful than you if you want him to eat….

Me: (Ha! Me starve my kids?) …Okay.

Dr.: … Or we could try food therapy….

Now I’m going to have to add Food Therapists to my list?

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