May I See The Wine List?

It’s that time of year- Bat Mitzvah season. Essentially what that means, is that invitations are coming through the mail at Gd speed and each one is literally better than the last.

Allow me to give you an example…. the first invite came and it was a thick card stock; quite lovely indeed. The next invite came and it weighed about 15 ounces and was made of acrylic. Flash forward to our most recent invite: 35 oz. 12×18 acrylic menu with a pocket on the backside to hold the 10 inserts regarding the details of the event.

Here’s the thing… I cannot be drilling holes with my drill bit in order to hang these up on my cork board. There is no place to display them where they’ll be out of the way- yet I’ll still remember the event is near.

‘At this rate, I imagine the invites we get in January will be akin to the LED billboards on the expressway.

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