Clearly I’m Not The Only One Who Heard That

While in synagogue today- a place of devotion and personal prayer, a child sneezed. Now, he sneezed during the silent amidah which means, that is the time when each congregant recites the prayers at their own speed- silently. It is also a time where if a baby were to cry, the parent would have to race them hand over mouth, out of the service so as not to be eye-bashed.

Alas, a child sneezed- 5 maybe 6 times. With each sneeze, not a word from anyone around. This happened over a span of a minute- if that….and not one person there to pray, said a GD=Damn GD Bless you!

So, since I was spending my silent devotion time calculating my punishment for my annoying chid- thinking mean thoughts to silence her in the row behind, I figured the least I could do is say, “bless you.”

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