$320 Co-Pay

Days later, when my child with ear fluid and my OCD child weren’t feeling great, I took them back to the same clinic.

When my eldest was cleared with her ear still having fluid but no infection (nor antibiotics) the doctor then asked my other child what was wrong with her- loaded question, I know.

She complained of 11/12 side effects for the new medicine she is taking… but at that point, only I knew that.

Doctor: Hmmm, maybe you have whatever your sister has, but again, its just a virus so there’s nothing we can give you.

Me: See, I told you.

Doctor: Is she taking any medication?

Me: (Sweating. Dying. Praying.) Yes…. (and I proceed to tell her)

Doctor: (Wheels turning in her head)

Me: (Praying. Dying. Sweating. EYE WIDENING “SHHH” LOOK)

Doctor: (Who BTW didn’t see my Tick) Well there you go! It sounds like she’s experiencing the side effects of her medication.

Daughter: (looking at me with fear/panic)

Me: (EYES WIDEST)(EYE TALKING to Dr.) I think its just the virus her sister has.

Doctor: I think its the drastic switch in medication.

Needless to say, we had to make a pit-call to my resident therapist to calm down my already nervous child.

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