1…2…..3……6 Helicopters

I wanted to take my kids to the lake not too far away, but my middle was nervous x10. So, instead, I took them to a nearby farm to pick pumpkins and walk around.

Immediately upon entering the farm, we heard helicopters overhead. As we walked further into the fields of flowers, a few more helicopters starting hovering above.

Daughter: Look! It’s Landing over there!

Me: (trying to be calm) Cool.

Daughter/Son: Why do you think they’re so many helicopters?

Me: Its probably a tour.

Ignoring the choppers, we walked towards the cows where a woman was feeding them.

Woman: Hi… I wonder why there are so many helicopters.

Me: Oh I’m sure its nothing.

Woman: Oh I’m not. I’m afraid to leave here…. Did you see how many helicopters are landing over there? Somethings wrong….

Looking at my white faced daughter- I turned to the woman and said, “I know they do private tours nearby so its probably just that.”

With that, rather than feed the cows which was the main reason I wanted to go to this farm, I grabbed my kids and quickly walked away from Patty Panic. IMG_8709.jpg

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