Friday evening, my eldest complained the her ear was hurting. Normally I’d just treat it with Tylenol but the outside was red. An hour later, after the doctor said it was just fluid, she felt worse than before.

Saturday morning, she woke up at 6am feeling beyond- and unable to attend synagogue.

Somewhere between 8pm last evening and 6am today, the rest of my crew woke up feeling sick.

9:00 PM….

Kid 1: I’m feeling nauseous.

Me: You’re fine; just relax.

Kid 1: Come here! I don’t feel good!

Me: Hubby, can you go to her? I’m tired.

Hubby: She’s fine.

Kid 1: (runs past me to my bathroom; proceeds to vomit) Mommm! Moom!

Me: (walks to bathroom) I’m sorry…. maybe it was something you ate.

Kid 1: I told you I was sick.

Kid 2: (comes in crying) My ear hurts! I told you I need to see a doctor!

Me: I’ll get you Motrin.

Now, things quieted down, until maybe 6 am.

Kid 2: Mom! I don’t feel good

Kid 1: Mom! Don’t leave I feel sick. Stay with me.

Kid 2: I need medicine! I can’t sleep! My ear hurts.

Kid 1: I’m going to throw up again.

Me: (to kid 1) I will be right back! I have to take care of kid 2.

So, I take her downstairs, turn on the lights and look through my expired list of medicine when I hear Kid 3.

Kid 3: My throat hurts. I need medicine.


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