Welcome BACK

This evening I had my children’s back to school night at my former middle school. Since graduating over 30 years ago, the school has been renovated and is 90% different. One of the major differences is that it is now all enclosed.


As I walked around on the hamster wheel with the other lost parents, I realized I should cut my losses and just go to the third period class. With each new period, I was turned around and around as I followed my daughter’s schedule.

The only thing I could acquaint the direction she needs to take to go from class to class would be to what the Mosad would do when trying to stay off the radar of their enemies. I zigged and zagged every which way, that I chose to cut four periods simply because I was both out of shape and tired.

It wasn’t until the second to last period where I decided that I’d call up the district and inform them I’d be home schooling my kids. You see, when I exited one of the buildings, I was at the opposite end of the campus…. on the outside. 

Remember I told you when I went there the campus was all open? Well, when I got stuck outside at the non-used entrance, I could not get back into the building. Not a bang could be heard, nor a “hello….can someone please open this?!”

Do you know what it’s like to be in the dark, locked out of the Back To School Night asylum, watching the luckier lost souls roaming back and forth with their maps and cellphone lights- oblivious to my mid-life hot-flash meltdown as I banged on the door?????


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