Big Brave Balls

This evening’s back to school car situation looked more like a 1984 High Holiday scene- cars were everywhere. Literally, there were cars parked over a mile away and there was no way I would be able to navigate the maze my kids’ attend, after walking so far.

Now, I’ve mentioned that I grew up attending the same school…. so, I decided to pull into the driveway across from the school, park and knock on the door. You see, my friend I met in 6th grade’s parents still live in the same house. I used to spend many hours hanging out at her house….. but post high school graduation, we kinda lost touch.

However, parking was clearly an issue and I couldn’t be late like my children usually are, so when her dad opened the door- all gray hair and 35 years older, I became 15 again and said, “Hi Mr. Schwartz, it’s Rochelle Kane…. can I park here please?


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