Mosad 101

I’ve watched so many different Israeli dramas that I feel I could be an honorary secret agent. For example, the other day I wanted to make a return two towns over. My middle child was pretty passionate in her feelings when learning I would be making a return while she was at her secondary school.

Now, the therapist said I should not lie about my whereabouts because that would further the distrust she feels towards me. However, the alternative was telling her that I was planning on making the return and having her go bonkers on me – delaying my trip at least a day.

So… I turned on my Avigail and decided there was only one way to handle this delicate situation. Sure, I could turn off my tracking device- alerting everyone in my circle like an Amber Alert or… I could leave my cellphone at my place of residence and drive like it was 1995.

Unfortunately, I chose turning my tracking app off… which cost me an extra visit for my child to see her therapist. …But the good news was that I got to use my Kohl’s cash just 6 hours before it expired.

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