I know a place of devotion is not the place to stare nor have a mental conversation, but that’s exactly what I did this past weekend whilst sitting through the prayers, a young couple was receiving for their impending nuptials.

Normally, I’d be all empathetic to the journey they’re about to take…. but all I had was a look of, “heh?” You heard me, rather than smile at the two mismatched lovebirds, my eyes darted from him to her…. in wonderment and awe as to how the two found one another. Now, I should have been listening to the prayers and well-wishes…but I was so hung up on this unlikely pairing; contemplating the how’s and the why’s this soup pot found herself a thermos lid.

Two things that topped my list of possibilities: she must give bj’s for breakfast or he’s from a small town in middle America and she’s the next best thing to apple pie. Correction, she is the apple pie.

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