Bare Necessities

Let me preface you as, we are not poor. We share a car because I couldn’t decide what I wanted; I don’t need a car during the summer and we’re busy spending the money on my middle’s mental health.

Today I took my eldest to Starbucks to get a mocha frappe and my credit card was declined. Three times I tried to use the chip and swipe, but to no avail. Thankfully, I had taken cash from hubby.

Later this evening, I took my middle to Home Goods near my first place of residence. Its important to note that because when my other left that area, she was starting out with nothing.

Now, its equally important to know that I was wearing my daughter’s fake 1/2 karat diamond ring because she’d left it on the counter. The only other jewelry I have on is a ring from my bat mitzvah that my other daughter had also left around, and two beaded bracelets that look like an arts and crafts project.  I’m also wearing Hershey kisses earrings that my daughter brought home from camp for me as a souvenir. All this is relevant because of the events that I am currently unfolding.

As we were checking out, my credit card started acting up again. I remembered that hubby had said this happened to him as well this morning- but after trying three times, it worked. Well, I tried inserting the chip 5 times, swiping 4 times and having the cashier type in the numbers. I went as far as calling hubby and asking him to give me his other credit card number over the phone (twice). Now some may ask, “what about your TJX Rewards card?” So simple: that shit expired a month ago and for some reason, I don’t have the updated one.

“But Rochelle, why didn’t you just use your Debit card?” Also simple: all of my cards expired in June and July of this year. No Gap, No TJX, No Debit.

Embarrassingly so, I pretended that I’d return tomorrow upon opening and asked the woman if she could hold my items at the front. On the way home, I called the credit card company and after being disconnected and then on hold for 10 minutes, I found out we simply had no more line of credit.

Now I have no car, no cards and I’ve had no summer. If this is a sign of how my life planning on going, make sure you have rocks when you come to visit.


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