My Joy Luck Club

After the fiasco at the temple, it was time to pick up dinner before heading to dance lessons. While waiting at the bar for the pasta to be ready- despite calling it in ten minutes prior, the three televisions were on. Naturally, my daughter and I both looked at the one where there were about 50 cops and 100 cop cars outside a very bad neighborhood … waiting.

If history has taught us anything, its that we must never forget; sadly, I failed history.

Barkeep: Your food will be right up.

Me: Ok. …What’s that?

Barkeep: Oh that’s about the shooting.

Me: Why are they all just hanging around the area?

Barkeep: The suspect is still on the loose.

Me: Hmmm. Is that so!

Unfortunately, what I would have tipped the barkeep would now be going towards our financial aid for therapy.

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