I’m Sorry I Asked

This afternoon my middle child and I went to meet with the Hazaan- after all, I taught her 95% of her Haftorah portion and I wanted her tutor to hear her. Anyhow, during the very brief lesson the phone rang.

Hazaan: (On phone) Ohhh. Eeee. Nooooo. Ohhhh noooo. Okay…. eeee. Okay, be safe!

Me: (Assuming someone died and he had to do his ordained duties) Is everything alright?

Hazaan: (Sullen) Six police officers were shot.

Me: (Immediately looking at my child; dumbfounded)

Hazaan: Its just so scary the world we live in today….

Me: (Praying he shuts up)

Kid: How far away is this happening?

Me: Far, far away.

Hazaan: Yes, far….but it doesn’t matter how far it is, its still scary.

So now that’s Hebrew school, Shabbat services (#Sermons) and Bat Mitzvah lessons we should probably avoid. …Christmas is beginning to look a whole lot better- minus the crucifixion part. 

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