Recent studies show the great effects of using CBD oil for anxiety. Unfortunately, what is not so great is the exact amount one has to take to receive the benefits. Therefore, its all trial and error. At $60 per 2 oz. bottle, one has to be pretty accurate in order to find the correct dosage.

Sometimes however, CBD is mixed with another ingredient… better known as maui-wowi. When mixed with that, the bottle price is nearly doubled- so again, accuracy counts.

Unfortunately, with the ratio of letters being somewhat a factor, the taste becomes quite potent. What I mean is, when my child took her first dose, she had one of Oprah’s “aha” moments… and realized that the taste in her mouth and nostrils was the same smell she’s been smelling for years in hubby’s car. In fact, she went as far as to say, “smells like daddy’s smoke.” Additionally, whenever we roam the neighborhood and she catches wind of anything, she now says, “that’s marijuana!”

Now, I couldn’t just let the obvious settle the way it did in her mind- but I also didn’t want to create a domino effect of issues. So, I let her know that the medicine that is most helpful has natural herbs and though its only recently become acceptable to ingest, her father’s been self-medicating for years. Needless to say, she’d rather have the anxiety.

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