Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round Ol’ Oak Tree

I could only imagine what its like to have little accolades or accomplishments- aside from being revered as that motherYou know the one I’m talking about- the one who decorates her kids’ lunches into Sesame Street characters- the one who waits at the bus stop with fresh cookies, who makes Taco Tuesday and Beef Wellington Wednesdays, and who is a self-appointed Troop Mom.

And again, I don’t know why I care that much to write about this one particular MOTY (mother of the year) but I cannot stand Instagram as of late because of her. You see, as with most my people, our kids attend sleep away camp for 7 weeks. Its nothing newsworthy by any means. They go away, the parents who are lucky enough to have nobody at home can live it up on social media and that’s pretty much it until the end of camp photos begin.

Counting down the minutes until my babies are back…laundromat here I come….. last night of freedom….filet mignon and double stuffed chocolate cake all set!

My ultimate favorite is the balloons and posters welcoming their kids home from seven torturous weeks in Vietnam. 


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