Buy Nothing

I don’t know why I care that much- other than I have absolutely nothing else going on as worthy, but when I’m scrolling (more likely, trolling) Facebook, I get easily annoyed by one person.

There is this site where one uploads all their shit not fit for monetary compensation. Let’s say someone bought hand cream and they realized after ten uses, that they no longer like said lotion- they would upload the half squeezed bottle and post. Then, one has to come up with an American Idol back story as to why they should be the lucky recipient. One can not simply say, I would like that- no, they have to give a justified reason as to why they should be considered. 

People post half eaten cakes, gently used hair brushes, leftover napkins and partially used tampons- the ones that never deactivated into the absorbent mode. 

But there is this one woman- whom I know has the means to purchase new- that applies for everything and anything within minutes of being posted. For example, browned bananas, 2 sprays left of perfume, incandescent lightbulbs, worn down candles for the sabbath, mismatched socks…. etc.

Now, who doesn’t love a deal? I get that! But this woman is up at all hours of the night trying to be the sole recipient of used shit, for no other reason than she has some sort of gambling-esk sickness.

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