Table For Two

My middle has an acute fear of death- anyone’s but especially those in her inner circle; parents, siblings and grandparents being within the circle.

So when my child was in the bathroom, my mother thought that was the best time to tell me of her appointment.

You see, next week my parents were planning on picking out their plots. Now, I’m not sure about you, but really what are the selling features one goes through when shoppers come a knockin’?

Faux Ploteator: Over here we have a beautiful two person area, it gets morning sunlight and its generally quiet. Or, we have one over there- its about 36 square feet – perfect for visitors to frequent- it has unlimited sunlight and faces the eastern portion of the cemetery.

Meanwhile, my child who had come back from the bathroom was curious about what we were talking about so I told her.

Child: What are you talking about?

Me: Oh, Bub and Pop are going next week to look at plots.

Bubbie: (Eyes Wide) Do you think she should be hearing this- given her anxiety?

Me: Well you felt the need to bring it up.

Child: I thought you wanted to be propped up on the couch in the living room?

Bubbie: I do!

Me: Why are you looking over there? Why don’t you get buried nearby- where they just let the Jews in?

Bubbie: Will you visit me?

Child: I’ll visit you. I’ll always visit you.

The good news is she gets a “star” for exposing her to such an unpleasant conversation.

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