Judge Scalia

This evening’s family dinner took place over excited conversation. It began when hubby told us that the adjustment the hospital made on his sleep apnea machine made quite a difference.

Hubby: It really made such a difference in my sleeping; I’m sleeping really soundly.

Me: It made that much of a difference?

Hubby: Sure- because my airways were blocked. Your mother should get the machine.

Me: She doesn’t want to stay overnight for the testing.

Hubby: It’s not like a hospital; but she’s taking years off of her life by not getting the machine. I don’t know why she doesn’t get it.

Me: It takes years off one’s life?

Hubby: Yes; significantly. You know Judge Scalia? He had sleep apnea and he died in his sleep.

So its great that my mother informed me and my middle she was looking for plots. 

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