Thank Gd For ADD

One movie that stuck with me my whole life was The Boy in the Bubble with John Travolta. I remember that he had to be sealed in this bubble on a gurney so that he wouldn’t get sick. Much like his bubble, I like to create one around each of my children. We don’t listen to the news, nor do we watch TV. When I am on FB, I make sure to “hide” any posts with death, doom and gloom. In fact, if it weren’t for my spouse nor mother, I’d have no idea who was president.

So imagine my surprise, when my child says she would like to attend Friday night services. We got showered, dressed and were in our heels- ready to pray.

Now, its been a little bit of time since we’ve been to a Friday night service, so I forgot the part about the speech before the silent Amidah. You see, the rabbi wanted to discuss the tragic events that took place this week… and may have mentioned the word “shootings,” twice. Now, I say may have because I was busy praying to Gd that my kid who was preoccupied with looking at her high heels, didn’t hear.

Shabbat Shalom!



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