Lion King

Its been a long time since I’ve seen a Disney movie with my children where there are actually toddlers in the theater. The other week my crew found the last set of seats in the upper part of the stadium theater- against the wall. We were able to see over the smaller heads in front of us so we thought we were quite lucky- after all, we were seated as the film began.

Not five minutes into the film, did the issue occur- the our rear. About every few sentences, the mother would explain to the child in diapers what was happening and why. In fact, I felt like I was in a translation center the way the mother just spoke at non-movie talking volume.

If hearing “Why’d he? Whhhhaaat’s that? …. Who’s th….” during every scene wasn’t bad enough, the father- who had to be hearing impaired to not yell at his wife, was yawning every minute.

Now, if I knew sitting in front of him that he was yawning, then you should already understand he gave a “give a fuck” yawn in public. It got louder and louder- probably to muffle his annoyance with his wife, but instead, he annoyed my crew.

Craning our necks at 90 degree angles and overtly glaring did not stop his Oms- neither did saying to ourselves (loudly) “OMG, do you hear that???” stop him.

It was past the point of the sound of popcorn chewing in my ear, when they rifled through their bag for the last kernel that I decided climbing over 16 people to take my kid to the restroom for the second time was the second best option.

The first best option would have been for Scar to eat him.

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