It Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Today hubby informed me that there may be some glass he didn’t see upstairs. Apparently our kennel of dogs got excited and banged into my one table of glass items- and knocked them to the ground. Now, I know (according to hubby and his online group of supporters) that I’ll never understand what little he sees. I understand its as if looking through a straw- the amount of vision one has with this disease.

But, when one of the main senses is gone, I’m told that the others kick into high gear. Meaning, he could have heard the glass ricochet off the table and…. he could have zoned into his physics’ studies and recalled the trajectory that glass makes upon hitting a hard surface… he could have felt Helen Keller style the floor to know if he got all the glass.

Instead, he simply said, “you’ll have to look to see if I got it all.”


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