Baby Bjorn

All summer I’ve been hobbling around with my child redecorating my womb. Some days I get to go for walks- if I’ve had good behavior. Other times, we go on short jaunts around the block- before my glass slipper disintegrates. The activities I can do are: sit at the pool, lay on the raft, tutor her in the den for her bat mitzvah.

As if it could’t get any better, today I’m prepping for my anal cavity photos. This means I can’t eat- Yom Kippur style. Now, there is something about knowing you can’t eat that makes waking up at 7:40 am even harder. Its the fact that I can’t eat- but I went to the local farmer and bought out all the fruits and vegetables that make it harder.

Anyhow, because its been so long that I’ve been up, I’m tired now. Just laying around, writing to you and occasionally passing gas and staring at the ceiling… dreaming about work meetings and long days.


About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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