Two Can Play At This Game

Hubby and I share custody of the car; easier to practice on a vehicle.

Now, hubby will mostly drive his electric bike to work and I’ll use the car- 90% of the time. This means, I have it all day to schlep kids or do nothing and that the keys are in my purse, in my bag, in the car.

However, as of late, if I am coming home and not using the gar-ige, I will bring my purse in.

Now, hubby- who has the car 10% of the time, wants me to leave the key in the car. (*This is the same hubby who’s car was abducted because he left the keys in the car). However, if I am out shopping or something, I cannot lock the door unless I take the key from the car. This means that I put the key in my purse…. but when I come home, so that he doesn’t drive away with my purse, I bring it in. Which means, he can’t start the car if the key isn’t in the car.

Because this annoys him so- since he’s asked me numerous times to leave it in the car- and from habit its in my purse in the house, he is leaving the toilet seat up to punish me.

Sadly, one of my downfalls is blowing my nose and throwing the tissue anywhere in the car… as well as leaving wrappers and dead water bottles. !

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mom of 3
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