Jesus Sighting

My daughter is going through this phase where she doesn’t trust her father will do the right thing. Some examples are: she doesn’t feel safe when he drives because he can’t see (true). He can never find anything even when its right in front of him (true). He can walk in a room and not see the crowd of people (true). Now, this is not making fun in any way of his eye disease which he has (true). This is just to explain my child’s thinking.

Today she has a doctor’s appointment and I said her father will take her. After going back and forth how he won’t know how to get there, won’t feel safe, he’ll leave, etc. she was fine with it.

That was, until this happened…

Hubby: OMG! When did we get two lizards??

Me: The second one isn’t here.

Hubby: Nope, there are two lizards in the tank.

Me: Nope; they’re aren’t.

Hubby: Then what’s that (pointing)

Daughter: (Told ya so look at me) That’s a stick.

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