Sweet & Sassy

I am thigh deep in planning my kids’ b’not mitzvah- thanks to Pinterest and my warped mind.

Part of the concept is using colorful mannequins and putting wigs or hats on them- creating the “sass.” Now, these aren’t Woolworth mannequins- not the broken Lord and Taylor ones either. In fact, they’re not even the ones they use in Bebe or White House Black House Market. These are plastic, chrome plated, metallic busts/heads that are sleep and abstract.

Sister: I don’t understand- they’re wearing wigs?

Me: Or hats… maybe a boa.

Sister:  I don’t get it; are they dressed?

Me: No, it’s just a head. They’re supposed to be “sassy” looking.

Sister: Well, will you be putting a tutu or something on it?

Me: Would you wear a tutu at your neck?

Sister: Well, you can’t have them naked…. it’s a kids’ party.

Me: They’re not naked but I spent too much money to cover them up with a shirt. Besides, they’re at the adult side.

Sister: Oh, that’s good. Will you be putting anything inside the stand they sit on?

Me: I was going to do condoms, but think I’ll just do lights.

Sister: Rochelle- I’m just asking!  …Then what’s going on the kids tables?

Me: Candy- for the “sweet” side.

Sister: Oh that’s good. Good thinking. What kind of candy?

Me: Candy penises and tits.

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