Dr. Alexa

While I’m hiding in my room and preparing to watch my DVD of the new series I’ve undertaken, I hear my daughter talking to Alexa. You heard me, they’re actually having a stupid conversation about the movie The Lion King and what she liked about it.

Naturally, my entrepreneur brain has thought about a concept that I think will be a huge hit; it’s called, Dr. Alexa!

This Alexa will be a trained psychiatrist (for the standard psychologist version it would just be Miss Alexa) who asks questions and gives advice based on answers. So instead of hearing, “hey Alexa, what’s the weather or what’s the best movie out now?” one could ask: “Dr. Alexa, I don’t know whether I should have vanilla or chocolate ice cream?”

The best part would be her reply.  Dr. Alexa: “Well, before you choose your ice cream, why don’t you tell me what led you to have no decision making skills- are you a middle child?”

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