Today’s forecast was rain; it was quite dark and dreary this morning when I woke up early- that’s why, I allowed my son to stay home from camp. I mean, sure, he could have played gaga all day and been in his shed to keep from the rain, but since his entire schedule is outdoors, I let him sleep.

Now, all would have been fine, had I not thought I had a doctor’s appointment. You see, the appointment was causing my cash cow to have anxiety- so I let her go to her grandmother’s. However, I had to have my son go to his father’s office so that his grandmother wouldn’t be annoyed that he wasn’t in camp. In fact, I thought long and hard whether I should tell my kid to not mention to her Bub that her brother was home- but I didn’t want her to lie either so I didn’t say a word.

Fast forward to when I went to pick her up. I asked my son to stay in the car so that Bub wouldn’t see him, but since his older sister taught him how to be anxious, he decided to come with me. The compromise was that he had to wait behind the pole outside as – I tried to meet my daughter and mother at the elevator.

Unfortunately, the first thing my mother said when the doors opened was, “so I hear you let youngest stay home from camp today.”

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